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  1. I finally decided to apply for a CLN.
    My relinquishing acts took place in the late 60’s.

    I have printed out the form Request for Loss of Nationality.

    I see no mention on the form for Marriage Certificates needing to be supplied within a 5 year timeline as I believe was formerly the case.
    It that still applies, please let me know.

    The form asks for information about voluntarily performing the acts and the intent at the time they were performed.
    According to the information I have, at the time of the acts INA (b) states i would have been presumed to have done so voluntarily.
    There is no mention of intent.
    I would like to put NA and quote the applicable section of the INA but feel that may be considered inappropriate.

    How do I go about booking an appointment with the Consulate?
    I found nothing online other than Visa appointments (1000 day wait time).
    I saw nothing on their website for Renunciation or Relinquishment,
    If there is a link or information here, I missed it.

    I appreciate your input & taking the time to help.
    Thank you for responding.

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